Sunday, July 27, 2008

Motion Capture Performance Final Project

Should've posted this a while ago - my final from the Eric Furie/Robert Zemeckis Motion Capture Performance class which includes more crowd work. (I also shot some fight sequences that were not yet reconstructed in time for this video but can be seen here.)

The foreground and middle ground crowd elements are motion captured (the performers are my classmates John and Nahomi, myself and an actor, Kevin), and the background crowd elements are generated out of Massive. This is my new approach to the crowd because I can still art direct the crowd manually and then just give it additional volume using Massive.

I liked where this is going, but my advisor, Christine Panushka, wants to see A LOT more people and some children so I need to work on that. RenderMan for Maya 2.0 supports instancing, so my plan is to create instances of the FG and MG crowd individuals that I already have, giving me a lot more volume closer to the camera without a substantial performance hit (I hope).

Other than that I got good feedback on the look, the design of the crowd, etc. from the faculty.

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