Monday, March 10, 2008

Mocap shoot 2

Speaking of mocap, I just got my latest shoot approved by the head of physical production. I have two actors, Lester Reynolds and John Michael Herndon, coming in on Thursday and I'm going to capture some fight sequences and some falls. Since the actors are going to be scuffling, technically I am conducting a hazardous shoot, which meant going through some paperwork and the production division in order to make sure everyone was insured. So I'm all clear and now I've got some planning to do to make sure things go smoothly. I don't have any experience choreographing a fight, but I need to make sure I get what I need. Previz, previz, previz.

I'm planning to buy some foam props and mesh clothing to simulate swords, lathis (staffs) and kurtas. I was inspired by a class visit to the set of the new Zemeckis film ("A Christmas Carol") last week; these little tactile touches do a lot to help an actor get into character.

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