Monday, March 24, 2008


Even though it might seem that all I do for my thesis is collect references, I have been known to animate on occasion. I have a nice long segment done, there are bugs in it but I think it's mostly there.

(As for the titlecards, I've never really liked them and I am playing around with the idea of replacing them with some narration from the boy - same information, but instead of saying "1 million people" maybe the boy can say "lots of people". This will move the intro more towards the boy's POV. The problem is that I already have some dialogue in the film where the mom tells the boy that India has been partitioned. So the boy's narration in the beginning shouldn't make this dialogue redundant since I've already animated it).

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Victor said...

Bir (that's the kid's name, right?) running to pick up the hat is awesome. I love that determined look he gets just before he goes off-screen.

The older guy putting his hat back on is pretty nice as well.