Sunday, June 29, 2008

Goon #1: Sam

This is the character who threatens Bir at the climax of the film.
(His name is Sam because Brittany thinks he looks like Sam Waterston)

Here's how I got there:

Step 1: Start with Maqbool

Step 2: Get rid of all the hair and modify the base model so the face starts to look different

Step 3: Start adding back hair, eyes, etc., and try to tweak each component as it's added

Step 4: More tweaks after a review with colleagues - add a widow's peak, get rid of the beard, and a nose job. (He resembles my dad slightly, which is not surprising since I used a picture of my father as a loose reference.)

Final: More tweaks, a change of clothes and some stubble.

The base mesh looks like this:

Final Final: Oops. I got some more feedback saying that he was too handsome. So this is the new and more evil Sam after I made his features more angular.

1 comment:

Brittany said...

Yes! I'm glad you named him Sam! He looks great, btw. Very scruffy and rough looking. I dig it.