Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shot notes

  1. Shot 5 - Bir plays with Train
    1. Pooya: Camera pull out looks weird, cut to scene 6 looks weird because of all grey
    2. Sheila: Pause on mom's hand, her head looks mechanical, exaggerate head shaking
    3. Christine: Moms hand looks float
    4. Me: Redo Bir's flop down
  2. Shot 6 - Ma, eh gaddi
    1. Me: Do I need a wider establishing composition?
  3. Shot 10 - Bir runs to train and is scolded
    1. Instead of having him look up at the mom, have him continue to have his head down and just raise his eyes to look at her - i.e. more sheepish - or maybe he just leans away from her, a little afraid
  4. Shot 13 and 15 - Bir peeks out from behind Mom
    1. Sheila - Mom looks floaty
    2. Me - Bir could dodge a crowd person in either of these scenes
  5. Shot 92 - Bir takes cap off and looks at it
    1. Me: Fix the part where he grabs the cap and also have the cap deform
    2. Sheila: Train could accelerate out of station
  6. Shot 94 - Bir turns and goes into compartment
    1. Christine: Bir is floaty at end - have him pause for 6 frames after he turns

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