Monday, May 10, 2010

Honorable Mention at ASIFA-East Animation Festival

Nice to be recognized by ASIFA, and one member said:
"Rich in texture and spirit, and plush with great models and thoughtful lighting, Topi serves as proof that CG can be engaging and compelling."

ASIFA-East President David Levy (whom I met at Hiroshima 2008) blogged:
"It's a very serious and moving film, lovingly staged and executed".

More from another attendee:
"The Festival began with a film, Topi, whose break from the traditional genre of animation comedy was a pleasure to watch... Being confined to only comedy or commercialism sometimes makes animation dull. Breaking from this tradition, the student filmmaker, Arjun Rihan, gave the audience a glimpse into a culture and world many of us in America do not understand, but all of us could relate to the humanitarian approach of the characters. The comedy of animation has been explored vastly over the past century, and this film deserved mention due to its exceptional difference."


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