Thursday, March 25, 2010

Topi on Japanese TV

Topi was recently featured on 'Gat Chane', a program that airs on public television in Japan. The show features the work of both students and researchers, and is aimed at college students.

An excerpt from Topi was included in their episode on motion capture at USC:


The motion capture stage shown is where I shot all the mocap for the film - it's at the Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts at USC. Zemeckis was also the co-instructor of my my mocap class and is featured right before Topi in the clip above.

Now if only I knew what they were saying...


G V Prakash said...


I saw the trailer of the movie and it looked very nice and promising! Your blog is very interesting and with life! Congrats on success of the film! Is the movie not releasing in main-stream theatres? How can I watch the movie??


Arjun said...

Prakash, I'm glad that you liked the blog. Unfortunately, I don't have theatrical distribution yet though I would love for the film to be shown in theaters. For the time being, check out the film at

G V Prakash said...

Hi Arjun,

Thanks for the link. I saw the film and it is very nice; I am impressed with many aspects of the film. Can I share the movie link with like-minded friends?

I wish you the very best in all your endeavors. Hope to see more good movies from you.....


Arjun said...

Yes, please feel free to share the link and the blog as well!

G V Prakash said...

Thanks, Arjun!