Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Art references

Maaz by Christian Volckman is another cool film that I came across that is representative of where I want to go with the look:

A film that I really like in terms of visual look and style is Wojna
I want my film to have a handcrafted quality and I think that this film is a good example of how CG and handdrawn elements can be combined to this effect.

The brown color palette of Bharat Bala Productions' Vande Mataram music video is also great and helps recreate the feel of India.

For art references, I've been looking at the work of Indian painter, MF Husain, because I really like the texture and the broad patches of color he uses in these two works:

This painting by Hebbar has a similar feel, though his color palette is much more muted:

In addition, I've been looking at some Giacometti sculptures to help me with visualizing generic characters that I can use for the crowd:

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